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Dental Residency Application Supplement

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me. I hope this site provides a more vivid and personal introduction to who I am and how I may be able to contribute to your program as a resident. 

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Focused Ultrasound Applications in Dentistry

I've been researching potential applications for utilizing focused ultrasound for the controlled release of various therapeutics such as antibiotics and growth factors to accelerate healing and reduce complications in bony jaw defects.

This could have far ranging applications, from something as simple as speeding up healing in extractions sockets and around dental implants, to facilitating bone ingrowth in large scaffolds that could replace resected tumor sites. 

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NYU Entrepreneurial Institute - Tech Venture Program

I put together a team for a program designed to prepare researchers to commercialize their projects and pursue venture/seed funding or SBIR/STTR funding for their work. The month long program established NSF lineage for the project and provided valuable insights for pursuing additional funding related to the focused ultrasound research described above should the pilot studies we are pursuing pan out over the next year.

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Simulation Training Device

I have had an interest in instructional technology and hands on instructional aids since my time as a science teacher. I observed a deficiency in the available simulation lab devices for endodontics, so I designed a device that would allow for the use of an apex locator and simple functionality without the need for putties/wax etc. to set teeth in a typodont.

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Clinic Management App

The number one problem I've observed in our student clinics is the student wait time for available faculty and poor optimization in terms of requesting assistance or approvals. I've designed the user interface/user experience of a queue management application aimed at minimizing overall clinic wait times and optimizing student productivity. The backend is being engineered by a software developer and we hope to test the app in the clinic this fall.

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NYUCD Class of 2022

Dental School GPA: 3.70

Class Rank: Top 20%

Sep. 2021 - May 2022

Honors in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

This program will involve both periodontics and implantology clinical observations with opportunities for surgical experiences in the postgraduate specialty clinic along with associated lectures. The implantology component is headed by a prosthodontist, so the experience will be multidisciplinary in nature. 

July 2021 - May 2022

Assistant - Sedation Dentistry 

I'm assisting an operator-anesthetist, Dr. Louis Siegelman, in his private practice where he provides all levels of dental anesthesia. His practiced is well equipped for implant dentistry and a digital dentistry workflow.

Spring 2022

Veterans Oral Health Initiative

I'll be volunteering on Saturdays in the spring cohort of NYUCD's initiative to provide free dental services to veterans who don't meet the requirements for coverage at the VA. There is typically an emphasis on prosthodontics during this clinical experience.

Jan. 2021- May 2021

Honors in Oral Pathology

This program was shortened due to COVID-19, however we were able to participate in virtual histopathology slide review sessions and attend virtual NYICOP tumor boards with presentations from OMFS/Oral pathology departments throughout the NYC metropolitan area.

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Although I consider Virginia my home, I was raised in a military family and grew up up moving all over the country. I love the outdoors and I'm happiest when I spend time with friends and family enjoying nature, whether it be skiing, biking, hiking, or just soaking up the views. 

After a short time working as a middle school science teacher, I decided to pursue a career in healthcare. During an impromptu shadowing experience with my brother in law during his dental GPR, I realized how dynamic of a field dentistry can be and knew right away that it was the career for me. 

My fiancé is finishing up her medical pediatrics residency and will look for work as a hospitalist wherever we end up. We can't wait to find a town that feels like home and get started on our next chapters. 

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